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Chantal Cravens

EMCSD. Rio Hondo School
Teaching VP/GATE Specialist/TLT
El Monte, CA
Chantal has 17 years of experience in the role of GATE coordinator in her district. She is president of PAGE (Professional Advocates for Gifted Education), an advocacy group for gifted students in the Los Angeles County. PAGE is a hub for professional development and training for teachers and GATE Program coordinators.You can visit www.pagegifted.org for information. She is currently teaching a 4th grade class, regular education. As a teacher, she is passionate about engaging students and providing challenge in a creative environment. She hopes you choose to attend her presentation. She is giving away goodies, courtesy of PAGE. Please bring your flashdrive and she will be happy to give you a copy of her presentation with additional resources.
She has presented at various GATE conferences since 1995- CAG (California Association for the Gifted), PAGE Gifted Conference, Central Cities Gifted Conference, CUE conference 2011, SGVCUE conference 2010 & 2011.You can view more about her professional experience at Linked In.
Chantal is a self-proclaimed Geek-alete. She is a long distance runner- 5K to marathon (Boston Qualifier 2011). Currently addicted to trail running and has a September goal of qualifying for Boston again. Her running website is: www.runningandmusing.com